• Inside Self-Storage 02/2001: Permanent Storage Revenue
    Permanent Storage RevenueTHE NATURE OF RECORDS MANAGEMENT By Cary F. McGovern Storage revenue in the commercial records-storage industry is considered permanent. Annual growth rates from existing business, net of destruction, range from 15 percent at more mature companies ...More
    February 1, 2001 Cary F. McGovern Posted in Articles
  • Late Fees
    Doling Out Late Fees By David Fleming Welcome to From Behind the Counter. This bi-monthly column is dedicated to self-storage managers and the issues they face. I hope to create an open forum in which managers can voice opinion, discuss topics relating specifically to their ...More
    February 1, 2001 David Fleming Posted in Articles
  • Getting and Keeping Customers
    Getting and Keeping CustomersHow to stay head and shoulders above the competition By Tammy Ross Getting Customers One of the most commonly asked questions in this industry is, "How do we attract customers to our stores?" The more important question is, "What ...More
    February 1, 2001 Tammy Ross Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 02/2001: Keeping Your Business Insurance Costs in Check
    Keeping Your Business Insurance Costs in Check By David Wilhite The self-storage industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past 20 years, evolving from a core group of small "mom and pop" operations to a large, powerful organization of professional ...More
    February 1, 2001 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • Walk the Facility
    Preparing for the New Year By Pamela Alton The excitement of the Christmas season and New Year's has passed, and now it's time to turn our thoughts to spring and the busy summer rental rush. It will be upon us before we know it! The weather will be getting warmer soon and ...More
    February 1, 2001 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles
  • Quality First
    Quality FirstDigitech International stays on the cutting edge with a simple, old-fashioned idea By Tom Chmielewski Digitech International's 20-plus years working in self-storage security can be summed up in one word: quality. That's how the Asheville, N.C.-based company, ...More
    February 1, 2001 Tom Chmielewski Posted in Articles
  • Strike Back Through Repositioning
    Strike Back Through RepositioningWhat to do when competition is hitting you where it hurts By RK Kliebenstein The self-storage construction boom is on, and new facilities are popping up everywhere. There is increasing awareness in owners of older facilities that it is tough ...More
    February 1, 2001 RK Kliebenstein Posted in Articles
  • Bumps in the Road
    Our Pursuit of Convenience By Harley Rolfe Last month we discussed how developing convenience in our offerings might assist in our battle against competition. Recall that General Mills converts a few cents worth of commodity cake ingredients into $1.75 by selling the stuff ...More
    February 1, 2001 Harley Rolfe Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 02/2001: Online Self-Storage
    Online Self-Storage By RK Kliebenstein Editor's note: The opinions of this column are the express convictions of the author. Inside Self-Storage does not endorse individual products or services of industry suppliers. From computer bits and bytes to Xeon processors, from ...More
    February 1, 2001 RK Kliebenstein Posted in Articles, Technology
  • Maximizing Property Value
    Maximizing Property ValueHow not to leave money on the table By Bill Alter The definition of "value" as found in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is "the monetary worth of something or its marketable price." This suggests there is very little room for ...More
    February 1, 2001 Bill Alter Posted in Articles