• Chop, Chop--Meat-Cleaver Management
    The Importance of Income Management By Harley Rolfe The measure of success for any business is its income. That tells how apt the enterprise is at attracting customers. Many would say profitability is the measure of success and, ultimately, it is. But profit begins with ...More
    June 1, 2001 Harley Rolfe Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage 06/2001: Wireless 'Issues' That Sell Records Management
    Wireless 'Issues' That Sell Records Management By Cary McGovern An issue is "something that should be considered" within a customer's records-management program. It is not always a problem--it could be a pointer or indicator of a problem. It is a key to resolving ...More
    June 1, 2001 Cary McGovern Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 06/2001: Generating Referrals
    Generating ReferralsAn inexpensive way to acquire new customers By Fred Gleeck By far, the cheapest customer to recruit is the repeat customer. A very close second is the referral customer. The reason the referral customer is so inexpensive is his low "cost of ...More
    June 1, 2001 Fred Gleeck Posted in Articles
  • Staffing Concerns for Facility Owners
    Employee Dishonesty By David Wilhite Are you aware of the benefits of employee-dishonesty insurance? Many self-storage facility owners are not aware of the benefits of this coverage, which can be as important as fire or liability insurance when it comes to protecting your ...More
    June 1, 2001 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • Effective Security Management
    Effective Security ManagementCreating a plan for protection, prevention By James Biesterfeld The security program at your self-storage facility should be managed like any other special project, but when is the right time to start planning? By far, the best time to start is ...More
    June 1, 2001 James Biesterfeld Posted in Articles, Technology
  • Master-Keyed Lock Systems
    Master-Keyed Lock SystemsLiabilities vs. benefits By Christopher Shope Facilities should maintain no more than two master keys at any given time and store one of them in a "key safe" at a remote location, such as the company's main office. Mention "master ...More
    June 1, 2001 Christopher Shope Posted in Articles
  • Business Entities
    Choosing the Form of Your Business Entity By Jeffrey Greenberger This column provides general insight into the legal aspects of self-storage and should not be substituted for the advice of your own attorney. "To LLC or not to LLC--that is the question." If the ...More
    May 1, 2001 Jeffrey Greenberger Posted in Articles
  • Bon Jour
    Bon Jour "Who let the dogs out?" I don't actually speak more than eight words in French, but having just returned from Brussels, Belgium, where a large portion of the population is French-speaking, I am now inspired to learn more. Brussels was the site chosen by ...More
    May 1, 2001 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 05/2001: Add-On Product Sales
    Add-On Product SalesTurning mega-profits from your self-storage office By Fred Gleeck Whenever I conduct an on-site marketing audit of a self-storage facility, one of the first places I check for unrealized profits is the office. It is one of the most neglected areas of ...More
    May 1, 2001 Fred Gleeck Posted in Articles
  • Thoughts From the Road
    Thoughts From the Road By Jim Chiswell Spring Clean-Up and Dress-Up Time Spring is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to catch some extra attention for your facility. If you are in the Northeast, it's time to remove all signs of the winter that is now behind us. The ...More
    May 1, 2001 Jim Chiswell Posted in Articles