• Business Structures for Investment Real Estate
    A decade ago it was easy. If you were purchasing real estate as an investment, you either held it individually or as a partnership. The partnership had one of two forms: It was a general or a limited partnership. Corporate ownership of real estate was not really an option ...More
    March 1, 2006 D. Carlos Kaslow Posted in Articles
  • Best Practices in Tenant Screening
    These days, self-storage operators face countless security challenges, and many have considered the use of tenant screening to prevent criminals from causing dangerous or costly incidents at their sites. The process is beneficial for businesses as well as the communities ...More
    March 1, 2006 Darin Barney and John Hall Posted in Articles
  • Choosing Your Insurance Professional
    Most of us are familiar with the process of buying insurance, having purchased it for our homes or vehicles. But commercial coverage is a horse of a different color. When it comes to protecting your business, how do you choose the right professional to assist with your ...More
    March 1, 2006 Toni Bader Posted in Articles
  • Privacy Rights in Self-Storage
    What obligation does a self-storage operator have to protect tenants and employees from the risk of identity theft? Although the answer generally depends on federal and state laws, it is ultimately based on the operator’s individual effort to safeguard customer and staff ...More
    March 1, 2006 Scott I. Zucker Posted in Articles
  • Storage in The Netherlands
    The Dutch self-storage market is about eight years old and steadily growing. Most of the country’s 80 active facilities are successful, with big players such as Shurgard (30 stores), Citybox (10), Allafe (5), Extrabox (3), Kubus (3), SafeStorage (3) and Devon Self ...More
    March 1, 2006 Erwin Fleer Posted in Articles
  • The time has come...
    ... for the ISS Vegas Expo! Today begins the industry's largest tradeshow ever. And it's still not too late to register. ...More
    February 28, 2006 Posted in News
  • Pell Mell Week
    It was an amazingly quiet weekend for me, and I designed it that way intentionally. Only because I'm bracing myself for the impending hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas show, the experience of which is akin to condensing several objects into a small space via the use of a ...More
    February 27, 2006 Posted in Blogs
  • And it's Just a Box of Life
    Part of my morning routine involves combing the web for fresh news about self-storage. Most of the time, my findings are pretty clear-cut; but every once in a while, I get a curve ball. Take this photo, for example, which came up on a Yahoo! news search: Was this image of a ...More
    February 24, 2006 Posted in Blogs
  • MsSSOA to Hold Membership Conference
    The Mississippi Self Storage Owners Association (MsSSOA) will hold a membership conference and tradeshow on May 19. ...More
    February 23, 2006 Posted in News
  • In Memory of Wally
    If you've read the feed on the ISS website, then you already know the upsetting news we received today. Wally Schultz, founder and CEO of the publishing company that produces Metal Marketplace magazine, passed away suddenly on Monday. (You can also read the details ...More
    February 22, 2006 Posted in Blogs