• Somethin’ on the Side
    Somethin’ on the SideRecords storage as a part-time business By Rob Perry Would you like to have a side business you can run in just a few hours per week and will bring in a couple thousand dollars per month? Records storage is that kind of enterprise. It can be as big or ...More
    October 1, 2004 Rob Perry Posted in Articles
  • What Does This Mean for Self-Storage?
    The End of an Era By Michael L. McCune No, not all of the Beatles are dead. But the handwriting is on the wall for the era of low interest rates. You may be asking, “What are the signs of impeding rise in the cost of borrowed money?” First, the Federal Reserve has raised ...More
    October 1, 2004 Michael L. McCune Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Firing Emotional Triggers
    Everything we do has an emotional trigger. No matter how much you hope people are guided by logic and reason, it is often emotion that moves them to act. This is especially true of self-storage customers; so if you know which triggers drive the shopping and decision-making ...More
    October 1, 2004 Tron Jordheim Posted in Articles
  • Breaking Into the Car-Wash Business
    Over the past few years, I have had several fortunate opportunities to speak to audiences about the exciting and rewarding car-wash business. But before I share my personal experiences and advice on breaking into the industry, I’d like to give you some history on how ...More
    October 1, 2004 Fred Grauer Posted in Articles
  • Ultimate Access
    RentPlus Terminal Services Edition Central server, many sites By Kimberly Hundley Got internet? If so, you also have the capacity for a centralized data/program locale linking to multiple sites. This fall, Hi-Tech Smart Systems Inc. released the Terminal Services Edition ...More
    October 1, 2004 Kimberly Hundley Posted in Articles
  • Car-Clean Fundamentals
    Entering the car-wash industry as a new operator or owner can be overwhelming. There is so much information, it can take years to digest it all—and equally as long to develop your business model. If you are looking to get started in this business, following are some things ...More
    October 1, 2004 Greg Hart Posted in Articles
  • True Love, Not Treachery
    True Love, Not Treachery Some regular readers of the magazine and attendees of ISS expos already know this, since the preliminary event took place at our tradeshow in New Orleans last fall. But many do not and, ideally, you only enjoy such an occasion once, so here it is: ...More
    October 1, 2004 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles
  • Wisdom of Solomon
    Ferris Solomon can hardly believe the success of the boat and RV storage business his family started just two years ago in Jacksonville, Fla. The Solomons were well known around town for their other businesses, primarily freight salvage. Over the years, they’d also invested ...More
    October 1, 2004 Kimberly Hundley Posted in Articles
  • Produce a Marketing Plan
    Produce a Marketing Plan By Pamela Alton It’s already time to think about your marketing plan for 2005. With new facilities being built almost daily, competition for tenants will surely play a major role in maintaining or increasing occupancy levels at some facilities. What ...More
    October 1, 2004 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles
  • Marketing Records Management
    Marketing Records ManagementEssential elements to a solid campaign By Steven J. Hyman Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a successful records-management business. As in any other industry, developing and implementing a sales program takes active effort. The ...More
    October 1, 2004 Steven J. Hyman Posted in Articles