• 09/06 NEWS
    ISS Launches New Website Inside Self-Storage, provider of a monthly magazine, bi-annual tradeshows and a host of educational services for the self-storage industry, launched a new website rich with features at www.insideselfstorage.com. Some of the site’s valuable resources ...More
    September 21, 2006 Posted in Articles
  • So, You Wanna Build Some Storage?
    As of this writing, I’m freshly returned from our latest tradeshow, the ISS Reno Expo, where I sat in on most of the Development & Construction education track. The Reno attendees were overwhelmingly would-be developers doing their homework. I don’t think I’ve ever seen ...More
    September 21, 2006 Kimberly Hundley Posted in Articles
  • Unlock the Secret to Security Sales
    Not long ago, I visited the self-storage business of an old friend. While waiting in the office until he was free, I listened to one of his veteran employees tell a middle-aged couple how the facility was secured. He did such a fine job of explaining it, the man exclaimed, ...More
    September 21, 2006 Roy Katz Posted in Articles
  • 09/06 PEOPLE
    If you have a staff-related announcement such as a promotion, new hire or award you would like to include in the magazine, send an e-mail to storagenews@vpico.com. High-resolution, digital photos are appreciated. IREM Recognizes Staffers Awards were presented at Investment ...More
    September 21, 2006 Posted in Articles
  • 09/06 MEDIA WATCH
    As the self-storage industry permeates our communities, it receives increasing attention from mainstream media outlets—and not always favorably. As industry professionals, we should be aware of how self-storage is presented to the public. Media Watch is devoted to policing ...More
    September 21, 2006 Posted in Articles
  • The Maintenance Toolbox
    The challenge of self-storage maintenance isn’t the actual tasks but how to manage them. From a manager’s perspective, nothing is more important than keeping track of what needs to get done. That’s why lists are the best tools for timely maintenance. Tool 1: Procedures List ...More
    September 21, 2006 James A. DiNardo Posted in Articles
  • The Storage Mansion Born
    Building any storage project can be a daunting proposition, even for a seasoned member of the industry. But relative newcomer Tom Linder had faith in his grand vision for Dunwoody Self Storage. For a locale, he ambitiously selected the affluent suburb of North Atlanta of ...More
    September 21, 2006 Elaine Foxwell Posted in Articles
  • If You Rebuild It, They Will Return
    Whether you’re building a new facility or are the proud owner of an existing site, you must always have a plan for restoring your business in the event of serious fire loss or storm damage. Astute owners stay in tune with current construction pricing and building trends to ...More
    September 21, 2006 Scott Lancaster Posted in Articles
  • Take (Climate) Control!
    Self-storage builders tend to install climate control as though people are going to reside in their units rather than store objects that are far less cold or heat sensitive. HVAC contractors further the problem by over-designing air conditioning and setting it for human ...More
    September 21, 2006 Dan Curtis Posted in Articles
  • Halls of Fame
    We’ve all heard the old adage not to judge a book by its cover, but in self-storage, first impressions can make or break the sale. As the storage market continues to mature, client perceptions are irrefutably connected to success. Today’s renters are educated to storage ...More
    September 21, 2006 Rob Hadden Posted in Articles