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  • Inside Self-Storage 11/97
    By Eric Snyder Are you looking to finance either a new or existing self-storage facility? There are a variety of factors to consider. You can save time and money by being prepared and knowing the right way to go about locating the lender you need. Here are some of the most ...More
    November 1, 1997 Eric Snyder Posted in Articles
  • What to Do When You Get Sued
    What to Do When You Get Sued By Scott Zucker Getting sued is somewhat analogous to having a car accident. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to drive safely, there's always a chance you'll get rear-ended by the other guy. Under today's legal system, even if a business ...More
    November 1, 1997 Scott Zucker Posted in Articles
  • Maintenance A Competitive Edge
    Maintenance A Competitive Edge By Tom Berlin Self-storage has become significantly more competitive over the past few years. New facility construction is exceptionally strong in most markets across the country and shows no sign of stopping. The four self-storage REITS are ...More
    November 1, 1997 Tom Berlin Posted in Articles
  • Your Facility Report Card
    Your Facility Report Card Dean's List or Academic Probation? By Cecile Blaine If your facility was a student, what grade would it get on its end-of-the-year report card? Would it be an A+ or a C-? You be the judge. The end of the year serves as an excellent time for you, as ...More
    November 1, 1997 Cecile Blaine Posted in Articles
  • MaintenanceA full-time job at any facility
    MaintenanceA full-time job at any facility By Pamela Alton There are several reasons why a tenant will choose to rent at your facility, including: location, convenience, hours of operation, price, cleanliness and attention to maintenance. You do not have to have a ...More
    November 1, 1997 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles
  • Waterwood Self Storage
    Waterwood Self Storage Edmond, Okla. By Jeff Sacks Bill Howard is a modest man to say the least. After all, he runs several successful self-storage facilities in Edmond, Okla., and attributes his good fortunes to nothing more than the fact that Edmond has virtually doubled ...More
    November 1, 1997 Jeff Sacks Posted in Articles
  • Should You Consider Add-on Services?
    Should You Consider Add-on Services? By Ray Fisher To resolve the question of whether or not to offer add-on services, the self-storage owner should focus on his purpose of business, his manager's time and the rental office. Owners need to define their purpose of business. ...More
    November 1, 1997 Ray Fisher Posted in Articles
  • Protecting Yourself Against EmployeeDishonesty
    Protecting Yourself Against EmployeeDishonesty Employee dishonesty insurance, sometimes referred to as crime coverage, is one type of insurance that may be as essential for protecting your self-storage business as fire or liability insurance. Dishonesty losses in the United ...More
    November 1, 1997 Posted in Articles
  • Show Me the Money
    Show Me the Money By R.K. Kliebenstein Several types of loans and financing options exist for self-storage development. This article will outline a few of the most common types as well as offer some alternatives. New Development Construction Loan This is most easily issued ...More
    November 1, 1997 R.K. Kliebenstein Posted in Articles
  • Ask The Waldmans
    Ask The Waldmans Working for Free Dear Waldmans: I am an assistant manager of a self-storage facility, where I work a 27-hour work week. Because I live on the premises, however, my employer expects me to be on-call at all times for security reasons. I am required to live on ...More
    November 1, 1997 Posted in Articles