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  • Inside Self-Storage 9/99: DOMICO
    DOMICOThe Future of Self-Storage Software DOMICO, a provider of management software to the self-storage industry, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. This fall the company will release its third product, DOMICO 2000, which will incorporate all of the ...More
    April 1, 1999 Glenn Hunter Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 10/99: Ask The Waldmans
    It's Not User-Friendly DEAR WALDMANS: I love all the new computerized products for this industry, but I don't think the inventors ever try them out before placing them on the market. The security-system keypads I use at my facility seem to create a lot of griping. They are ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage 6/99: DCD Services Inc.
    DCD Services Inc.Standard line of buildings, not standard service Baskin Robbins may have 32 flavors, but how does choosing from a selection of 5,000 suit you? Such is the case if you're a self-storage owner or developer looking to erect a standard building. DCD Services ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage 7/99: Real Management Systems
    Real Management SystemsGetting to the heart of the self-storage business By Diane Di Cioccio One-hundred percent occupancy is the primary objective of every self-storage business owner. Getting there is the challenge. Doing it consistently seems impossible. Everything from ...More
    April 1, 1999 Diane Di Cioccio Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 11/99: Ask The Waldmans
    Choosing is Confusing DEAR WALDMANS: I am the proud new owner of a self-storage facility. It has truthfully been an experience in developing all the essential elements that go into a storage facility. The facility is approximately 50,000 square feet, and will have a ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 4/99: Ask The Waldmans
    Can You Believe? DEAR WALDMANS: Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever face such a situation. I have been in this business for more than 10 years and thought I had witnessed everything. I was taking my usual afternoon walk--I try to do that each day when it ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 5/99: Ask The Waldmans
    So Sick of Slobs DEAR WALDMANS: Why do people actually pay for a storage unit and never prepare their goods for storage? Over and over again, tenants rent a unit in such a hurry you would think the IRS is after them. They stuff the goods any which way into the unit, not ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine 7/99: Ask The Waldmans
    To Do or Not To Do? DEAR WALDMANS: My question concerns giving prorated refunds if a customer leaves in the middle of the month or any other time before the first of the month. My manager says it's good customer relations to refund the balance of the month along with their ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • Inside Self-Storage 4/99: National Development Services Inc.
    National Development Services Inc.Designing and building a future in self-storage A developer of self-storage facilities, National Development Services Inc. (NDS) has completed more than 125 projects throughout the United States since the company's inception in 1987--that's ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • An Interview With Bob Bader
    An Interview With Bob Bader Bob Bader grew up in Detroit and attended Wayne State University, where he earned an MBA in marketing and finance. His background includes experience as an Army Finance Officer, retail and commercial sales with Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. and ...More
    April 1, 1999 Posted in Articles