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  • AJAY Equipment Corp.
    Until this summer, an older, two-story self-storage facility in San Diego used a forklift to move tenants’ goods to second-floor units. The site’s new owner wanted to eliminate the risk and expense of this bulky equipment by installing lifts. He chose Placencia, ...More
    January 1, 2006 Elaine Foxwell Posted in Articles
  • Setting the Service Standard
    If you want to be successful in any industry, you would do well to emulate those people and organizations that make customer service a priority. Smart leaders understand they’re not in the banking, retail, manufacturing, etc., business—they’re in the service business. And ...More
    January 1, 2006 John Tschohl Posted in Articles
  • How to Prevent Electronic-Payment Fraud
    Payment fraud can be one of the most significant problems a self-storage operator faces. The scope of annual merchant-service fraud is approximately $3 billion dollars per year in the United States, or about 10 percent of total electronic transactions. As it relates to ...More
    January 1, 2006 Ross Federgreen Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Inside Self-Storage Magazine: Conducting a Marketing Audit
    Every self-storage operator needs to make at least an annual examination of his marketing plan to ensure his strategies are optimal. In essence, you conduct a marketing audit, during which you ask pointed questions to see if you are doing everything possible to maximize the ...More
    January 1, 2006 Fred Gleeck Posted in Articles
  • The Five W’s of Customer Service
    Good customer service doesn’t just happen because you want it to; it happens because you work at it, all the time, every day. Following are the “five W’s” of effective service. They will help you measure your ongoing efforts and retain customers over time: 1. Who are your ...More
    January 1, 2006 Susan Head Posted in Articles
  • Call Centers Enrich Service
    In today’s aggressive market, self-storage owners are continually in search of ways to ensure success. They must ask themselves: Are they doing all they can to attract new customers and keep existing tenants happy, or is there something more? Most owners spend a great deal ...More
    January 1, 2006 Susan Head Posted in Articles
  • Your Marketing Strategy
    Believe it or not, developing a bona fide marketing plan isn’t difficult. The trick is to establish a course of action that attracts positive attention to your business and customers to your facility. I recommend a systematic approach you can immediately implement using an ...More
    January 1, 2006 Bob Vamvas Posted in Articles
  • E-Mail Management
    The movement of e-mail to center stage as a business-communication medium has made it critical for companies to systematically manage their incoming and outgoing messages. They need to know who is trying to reach them and why, and which potential customers they are ...More
    January 1, 2006 Ian Wayne Posted in Articles, Technology
  • Tracking: Your Best Marketing Tool
    Ten years ago, the word “marketing” was little used in the self-storage industry. Most operators used only the Yellow Pages to advertise their facilities, and a half-page ad was “big time,” costing about $500 per month. Then, as more investors learned about the ...More
    January 1, 2006 Pamela Alton-Truitt Posted in Articles
  • Marketing: Small Steps, Big Results
    It’s been years since I met a self-storage professional who didn’t believe in the value of advertising and promotions. But simply believing in something doesn’t mean it will be done effectively. So while most of the larger chains have well-run, professionally produced ...More
    January 1, 2006 Roy Katz Posted in Articles