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  • Adventures in Storage
    February 1, 2007 Posted in Articles
    The El Paso metropolitan statistical area is in Texas’ western-most point, neighboring New Mexico to the north and west; and the Rio Grande, the U.S-Mexican border, to the south. With its proximity to Mexico, linked by five international bridges, El Paso is a transportation ...More
    February 1, 2007 Self-Storage Data Services Inc. Posted in Articles, Development
    In the time it takes you to read this sentence, a customer or a prospect has already decided if you’re likeable and perhaps trustworthy—or if you might be an idiot. We all do this when we’re dealing with servicepeople. Like it or not, you are a serviceperson. Maybe you call ...More
    February 1, 2007 Tron Jordheim Posted in Articles
  • Self-Storage 2006 in Review
    How well did self-storage perform in 2006 compared to other types of real estate? If you’re an owner, you know how well you did last year, but how did you compare to everyone else? Here is a look at the status of self-storage and its changes over the past year—changes that ...More
    February 1, 2007 Charles Ray Wilson Posted in Articles, Development
    Today’s business challenges mean we can never sit still, not even for a second. We’ve all heard the expression: “Snooze—you lose.” It couldn’t be any truer than now. Customers demand more but seem to want to pay less. In truth, they don’t necessarily want to pay ...More
    February 1, 2007 Ian Thomas Posted in Articles
    It’s no secret that each storage unit at any facility is considered the inventory of the business. It’s the income-producing real estate. Managers inventory units to make sure they’re aware of who’s in, out, paid or not paid, etc. This system enables them to manage ...More
    February 1, 2007 Linnea Appleby Posted in Articles
    If you have a product or service you would like featured in this section, e-mail detailed information and a high-resolution digital photo, if available, to Extreme CCTV WZseries Product Family Extreme CCTV announces the WZseries product family, a new ...More
    February 1, 2007 Posted in Articles
    I had a piece of property that was essentially worthless. I couldn’t even give it away.”—Jim Karas, owner of Secure RV Storage Jim Karas isn’t your typical storage facility owner. He’s an innovator. He took a dubious piece of property in a poverty-ravaged area and gave it ...More
    February 1, 2007 Alex Hayworth Posted in Articles
    Safestore May Enter Stock Market Safestore, the U.K.’s largest self-storage company, is considering entering the stock market, says the Daily Mail. Chief Executive Steve Williams has been meeting with bankers including Merrill Lynch & Co. to see if the City would ...More
    February 1, 2007 Posted in Articles
  • Get Ready … Sell!
    Everybody contemplating selling a facility should follow a value-enhancing checklist, regardless of how well the store has been run. The two basic areas to address are a facility’s physical aspects and financial recordkeeping. If you developed your facility on raw ground, ...More
    February 1, 2007 Rob Schick Posted in Articles