• Inside Self-Storage Magazine 11/2000: A Top Shop!
    A Top Shop!Measuring results in self-storage By Jim Chiswell If you are not measuring results, can you really be certain you and your management team are as successful as you think? I have asked that question of many self-storage owners over the past 16 years. The usual ...More
    November 1, 2000 Jim Chiswell Posted in Articles
  • Protecting Your Facility Against Winter Weather
    Protecting Your Facility Against Winter Weather By David Wilhite Are you ready for winter? Freezing temperatures, blustery winds, ice, sleet and snow can all cause severe damage to your self-storage facility and property, especially if you are not prepared for them. Winter ...More
    November 1, 2000 David Wilhite Posted in Articles
  • The Big Financial Picture
    The Big Financial PictureSelf-storage retains its advantages, bright future By Michael Parham True commercial development of self-storage began in the late 1960s by several industry pioneers who recognized a growing demand for residential and commercial storage. These were ...More
    November 1, 2000 Michael Parham Posted in Articles, Development, Finance
  • Delivering Customer Service
    Delivering Customer ServiceUsing design and operating guidelines to 'make good' on your promises By Jim Kane To Whom It May Concern: Please be advised that unit #3088 is now clean and unoccupied. For the record, I would like to state I am disappointed in your facilities. ...More
    November 1, 2000 Jim Kane Posted in Articles, Development
  • What's in Store
    What's in StoreGetting a glimpse of the self-storage financing future By Neal Gussis The title of this article says a lot more than it's initial implication, because the financing "store" has changed quite a bit since this publication's last annual finance issue ...More
    November 1, 2000 Neal Gussis Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Rev Up Those Search Engines
    Rev Up Those Search EnginesMore tips for marketing on the Internet By Michael Zervas Bigger is not necessarily better in the case of the World Wide Web. As the web continues to grow at a rate beyond all expectations, it is becoming increasingly challenging for those of us ...More
    October 1, 2000 Michael Zervas Posted in Articles
  • Space-Age Designs, Part II
    Space-Age Designs, Part IIBuilding self-storage for a new era By Victor Lopez The following is part two of a two-part series on the evolution of self-storage design and site-plan considerations for a new era. As you may recall from reading part one of this series, the ...More
    October 1, 2000 Victor Lopez Posted in Articles
  • Hmmm...Hmmm... Records Management?
    Hmmm...Hmmm... Records Management?Deciding if it's a business for you By Cary F. McGovern Over the past few years, I have consulted with more than 200 self-storage operators concerning records management, which has had broad appeal with this industry. I receive at least a ...More
    October 1, 2000 Cary F. McGovern Posted in Articles
  • Priceless
    Priceless Welcome mat for the front door: $8. Plant for the office counter: $12. A box of personalized pens, complete with your facility name, to distribute to prospective tenants: $300. Framing your first dollar earned: Priceless. We've all seen the popular MasterCard ...More
    October 1, 2000 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles
  • Automatic Credit-Card Payments
    Automatic Credit-Card PaymentsTo take or not to take them... that is the question By Pamela Alton When a tenant first rents a unit from us, we often ask if he would like to pay his rent automatically each month by credit card. If he says "yes," we proceed to have ...More
    October 1, 2000 Pamela Alton Posted in Articles, Finance