• Extra Space Arranges New Offering
    Extra Space Storage Inc. filed with regulators to periodically sell up to $800 million in common and preferred stock, depositary shares, warrants and rights. ...More
    October 17, 2005 Posted in News
  • StorageMaxx Runs Katrina-Aid Promotion
    From Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, Canadian self-storage operator StorageMaxx ran a special promotion to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. ...More
    October 11, 2005 Posted in News
  • Building Boat and RV Storage
    As the economy recovers, the American public enjoys more disposable income, and many have taken to the road and water for recreation. At the same time, most communities have restrictions regarding the parking of boats and RVs in streets and driveways, providing an excellent ...More
    October 1, 2005 Donna May Posted in Articles
  • Security: The Protective Umbrella
    The tools exist to provide solid security and add tremendous promotional power to your marketing program. Meet Larry Lurker, Robbie Ripoff and Vicki Vandal. These characters pose a threat to your property and present liabilities for your company. They will do the very ...More
    October 1, 2005 Steve Cooper Posted in Articles
  • Security for Specialized Storage
    The self-storage product continues to become more popular and specialized. Today’s facility owners use boat/RV storage, wine storage, records storage and even vault storage to attract market share. In all cases, security is one of the most important components of site ...More
    October 1, 2005 Owen Runnals Posted in Articles
  • The State of Storage in France
    After 15 years of expansion, the French market is still in its infancy. There are 118 storage facilities serving the country’s population of 62 million. Compare these figures with those of the United Kingdom, which has about the same population and more than 400 ...More
    October 1, 2005 Philippe Peyrot Posted in Articles, Development
  • Serving Up Ancillaries
    It was a World Team Tennis match in Anaheim, Calif., about 1980. At 45, Rod Laver was playing one of the last matches of his career against Guillermo Vilas, a man half his age. Though Vilas expected to have an advantage because of his speed and Laver’s years, Laver used ...More
    October 1, 2005 Gregory A. Call Posted in Articles
  • Replacement-Cost Coverage
    Many self-storage owners are misinformed when it comes to the subject of replacement cost. This vital part of your insurance policy protects you in the event of catastrophe. Knowing the benefits and options makes for smart business. Simply put, replacement-cost coverage ...More
    October 1, 2005 John Roark Posted in Articles
  • A Work of Ancillary
    “Art too is just a way of living, and however one lives, one can, without knowing, prepare for it; in everything real one is closer to it, more its neighbor, than in the unreal half-artistic professions, which, while they pretend to be close to art, in practice deny and ...More
    October 1, 2005 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles
  • The Payment Advisor
    “The Payment Advisor” is a monthly Q&A column to which readers can submit questions about card transaction systems, electronic funds transfer, check acceptance and processing, wireless transactions, international funds transfer, and other payment issues. To participate, ...More
    October 1, 2005 Ross Federgreen Posted in Articles, Finance