• Hiring, Training& Retention
    Do you know how much it costs to hire, train and retain a new employee? The numbers may amaze you. One self-storage employee may be a bigger expense than you realize. Typically, our managers wear many hats: marketer, customer-service rep, salesperson, supply clerk, ...More
    December 1, 2004 Thomas Krendl Posted in Articles
  • E-Mail Marketing
    If you’re like most storage operators, you collect pertinent contact information from tenants when they rent a unit, including a copy of their driver’s license. In this age of the Internet, you should also collect their e-mail addresses. Before we discuss the incredible ...More
    December 1, 2004 Fred Gleeck Posted in Articles, Technology
  • The Value of Consistency
    A lot of self-storage managers need help understanding their goal when speaking with prospects on the phone. Few follow an outline or a script, even though it can mean the difference between a sale and lost business. Some feel that because they have worked in their position ...More
    December 1, 2004 Paul Weston Posted in Articles
  • Employee Evaluations
    In the self-storage industry, managers typically work at a property with little or no direct supervision. One of the most difficult aspects of this arrangement is that the storage owner, supervisor or district manager does not regularly observe employees’ behavior. That ...More
    December 1, 2004 Carol Krendl Posted in Articles
  • Hey, What’s Your Handicap?
    Golf is one of those games a player loves or hates. But no matter how he feels about it, the average “Joe Golfer” will use an endless array of tools, gimmicks and gadgets to get to the top of his game. He will buy any products that claim to help him improve his handicap: ...More
    December 1, 2004 Lori Niemczyk Posted in Articles
  • The State of Hiring and Recruitment
    Do you feel comfortable with your self-storage applicants, their strengths and weaknesses, reliability and purpose? Do they seem genuinely interested in the position you offer? Do you ask relevant questions during the interview process? Do your candidates? Do they seem ...More
    December 1, 2004 Greg Call Posted in Articles
  • Pride in Management
    Not too long ago, when self-storage was a fairly new product, there was a seemingly endless supply of customers with a need to store goods. It didn’t matter how much emphasis was on the sale because the product sold itself. However, as time went on, the product grew at an ...More
    December 1, 2004 Trina Van Alstine Posted in Articles
  • Telephone Mystery Shopping: A Study
    “Friendly and personable, but not distinguishing their properties from competitors, and not attempting to close.” That was the overall conclusion from a recent study of storage-facility managers and employees. My company conducted this first-ever Benchmark Telephone ...More
    December 1, 2004 Ron Welty Posted in Articles
  • Serving Your Staff
    Between the religious holidays and annual turn of the wheel, December is often a time for reflection. The season encourages people to take stock of their lives and, hopefully, count their blessings. So this seems an appropriate issue in which to discuss appreciation and ...More
    December 1, 2004 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles
  • Sale-and-Disposal Legal Liability
    Your Tenant stops paying rent on his self-storage unit. You have gone through the legal process of eviction, and now it is time to reclaim your space. You know that whatever the renter leaves behind may be removed and discarded, but only through strict statutory methods. ...More
    December 1, 2004 Amy Brown Posted in Articles