• Follow-Up & Follow Through
    "How is your meal?" This is the typical question asked by restaurant servers—usually when you have a mouthful of food! I think restaurants train their staff to catch you at the right moment so you don’t have the opportunity to give feedback. So I was extremely surprised by ...More
    July 1, 2005 Jim Chiswell Posted in Articles
  • Maintenance Makeover
    With self-storage properties popping up everywhere, to stay competitive, it’s important to keep existing facilities well-maintained. This is a simple task for new sites, but what about older ones? A 15- to 30-year-old facility might suffer many signs of wear and neglect: ...More
    July 1, 2005 Dan Curtis Posted in Articles
  • Levels of Lift Satisfaction
    In today’s competitive self-storage environment, smart operators use all their business assets to the fullest extent. That includes maintaining equipment that keeps a facility running smoothly, safely and efficiently. In multistory buildings, freight lifts are a key ...More
    July 1, 2005 Todd Canham Posted in Articles
  • Got It Covered
    The use of metal roofing systems is prevalent throughout the United States, particularly in the self-storage industry. Found on conventional structures as well as pre-engineered metal buildings, they come in structural and architectural versions. Structural roof systems are ...More
    July 1, 2005 Greg Thirnbeck Posted in Articles
  • Renovation Case Studies
    In a self-storage environment, nothing screams neglect more than faded doors and buildings and rust-stained roof panels. Rundown facilities are the white elephant of storage development—and the regret of planning boards from coast to coast. But there is hope. Site ...More
    July 1, 2005 Kevin Ford Posted in Articles
  • Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse
    Buyer’s remorse is something any salesperson wants to avoid at all costs. The best means of avoiding it is to confront it. As the old cartoon character Pogo used to say, “We have met the enemy and he is us!” Records storage provides a good way for owners to make money, but ...More
    July 1, 2005 Cary F. McGovern Posted in Articles
  • Mutual Funds and Your Retirement
    Jack’s store always did well. There were down times, like during the dot-com bust; but four years out of five, for the 40 years Jack ran the business, it was in the black. When Jack hit age 65, he wanted to retire. His wife wanted to sell the house and move into a condo ...More
    July 1, 2005 Pieter Kark and Ken Yap Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Casaforte's Choice
    Casaforte Self-Storage, an industry leader in Italy and Switzerland, has become known for highly specialized services and distinctive architectural design. Established in 2001, the company is managed according to the same standards adopted by major U.S. and European ...More
    July 1, 2005 Sabrina Tordo Posted in Articles, Development
  • Keeping Your Good Looks
    John and Betty needed storage for a year while they were in South America. With their list of prospective facilities in hand, they went storage hunting. They drove by the first site—and kept on going. Its brown landscaping, peeling paint and perimeter fence that looked as ...More
    July 1, 2005 Elaine Foxwell Posted in Articles
  • Computer Upkeep and Upgrades
    When they think about facility maintenance, most self-storage operators forget about their computer and related equipment. But these important items need preservation, including physical cleaning and the upkeep of system software. Proper maintenance will help ensure your ...More
    July 1, 2005 Michael Richards Posted in Articles, Technology