• To ‘Trust’ or Not to ‘Trust’
    To ‘Trust’ or Not to ‘Trust’ By Pieter Kark and Ken Yap While asleep, Ginny dreamt many dreams, but the one she remembered when she awoke was a strange one: It was about life insurance. Wait… No… It was actually about leaving her home, savings and self-storage business to ...More
    June 1, 2005 Pieter Kark and Ken Yap Posted in Articles, Finance
  • The Evolution of Storage Security
    Does evolving technology drive business trends, or do business trends drive the need for technology? It’s sometimes hard to tell if the dog is wagging the tail or vice versa. For example, an engineer thinks how great it would be to view surveillance cameras via the web. A ...More
    June 1, 2005 Tom Lewellen Posted in Articles, Technology
  • Master-Keyed Facilities
    Mention the phrase “master-keying” to many self-storage operators, and they become apprehensive. Many wonder if the practice leaves them open to legal liability. Though we’ve all heard stories about possible ramifications of using a master-key system, and people feel ...More
    June 1, 2005 Morgan Lambert Posted in Articles
  • Secure Satellite Storage
    It’s amazing how much can be learned by listening in on conversations that take place at a tradeshow booth. During recent industry events, “unmanned facility operations” has been among the concepts creating a buzz. What is a remote self-storage operation? How does it work? ...More
    June 1, 2005 Steve Cooper Posted in Articles
  • The Payment Advisor
    “The Payment Advisor” is a monthly Q&A column to which readers can submit questions about card transaction systems, electronic funds transfer, check acceptance and processing, wireless transactions, international funds transfer, and other payment issues. To participate, ...More
    June 1, 2005 Ross Federgreen Posted in Articles, Finance
  • Open Windows
    In Arizona, we’ve tumbled over the precipice of mild weather and landed with both feet in the land of blisteringly hot. But just a couple of months ago, we languished in that lovely time of year when the evenings are cool for comfortable sleep, mornings are ripe with ...More
    June 1, 2005 Teri L. Lanza Posted in Articles, Technology
  • Sun Harbor Self Storage
    Professional management is the key to self-storage success, but finding just the right staff is never easy. When Susan and Lothar Knieriemen of the Sun Harbor Self Storage in Summerfield, Fla., opened their first facility, they discovered the answer lay, not in a single ...More
    June 1, 2005 Jim Chiswell Posted in Articles
  • How Service Serves You
    I frequently hear stories from self-storage owners about managers who are “natural-born salespeople.” I’ve heard tales about the imaginative use of merchandising displays and signage to trigger impulse sales, as well as the clever packaging of related retail products into ...More
    June 1, 2005 Roy Katz Posted in Articles
  • One-on-One With Chateau Products Inc.
    Chateau Products Inc. is a family-owned business dedicated exclusively to the self-storage industry. ISS conversed with the company’s vice president of operations, Tony Borysenko, who shared insight to Chateau’s business philosophy, the company’s international drive, and ...More
    June 1, 2005 Posted in Articles
  • Homeland Security
    Over the past few years, several advisories and bulletins released by the federal government have illustrated the responsibilities of the self-storage industry in securing our homeland and preventing domestic terrorist attacks. In one release, the FBI warned storage ...More
    June 1, 2005 Van Carlisle Posted in Articles, Technology